FIGHT CALL OUT – Episode 12

Professional Boxing Australia

01 Jun 2018 09:00 AEST





Fight Call Out™ is a boxing show unlike any other.

Host Kris Smith is joined by Former Australian Heavyweight Champion and World Title Contender, Kali Meehan, to bring you the latest news and reviews of all the biggest domestic and international fights.

The crux of the show however, is the innovative Fight Call Out segment which hands the power back to those who deserve it most – the fans and the fighters, by offering a platform to call out the match ups they want.

The result is an informative, passionate and exciting show that stands alone in its ability to breathe new life into Australian boxing.

With leading expert analysis and commentary from some of the most experienced minds in the business, Fight Call Out is the future of the sweet science in Australia.  An all access, all-inclusive show, Fight Call Out is set to revolutionise the boxing game.


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