2017 King of Fronton TV Show

Association of Professional Bodyboarding

02 Dec 2017 19:30 AEST





Epicentre.tv is excited to present the APB King of Fronton featuring the world’s best bodyboarders attempting to conquer one of the best waves in the world!

In 2012, El Fronton event was the most viewed event in the sports history. A colosseum like setup on a cliff overlooking a powerful reef wedge in Galdar, Gran Canaria. El Fronton makes a return to the World Tour with very high expectations after the 2012 event saw Pierre Louis Costes defeat Jared Houston in what has been remembered as the craziest Bodyboarding contest ever in solid 10 feet waves. The global surfing community tuned in to spectate one of the most inspiring Bodyboarding competitions to date and we expect a similar show in 2016.

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